VizKit  3.3.7
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
VizKit::VisualAudioLab::BeatGuessStruct with values concerning beat estimation
VizKit::BeatlightThe Beatlight shows a moving point indicating beat impulses
VizKit::BeatlightActorA beat indicating VisualActor
VizKit::BottomLeftPositionedPixelRectA positioned rectangle, measured in pixels
VizKit::BoxA box
VizKit::CAboutPaneUI (Windows): Pane with about information
VizKit::ColoredPixelA colored pixel is a pixel with a color value
VizKit::CoordSize2DA two-dimensional size relative to logical coordinate system
VizKit::CoordSize3DA three-dimensional size relative to logical coordinate system
VizKit::COptionsPaneUI (Windows): Pane with visualizer options
VizKit::CoverArtThe cover artwork image is displayed
VizKit::CoverArtActorA visual representation of the album cover art data included with the audio track
VizKit::CUpdatePaneUI (Windows): Pane with checkbox for automatic update
VizKit::CVisualPropertySheetUI (Windows): Property sheet which contains various panes
VizKit::VisualDownloadQueue::DownloadItemA DownloadItem is an item of the download queue where data is retrieved from a remote source
VizKit::VisualTiming::DurationItemA data entry that stores timing values of a duration item
VizKit::VisualGraphics::GLCapabilitiesA struct containing OpenGL capabilities
VizKit::VisualTextureContainer::LogicalSizeLogical size of a texture
VizKit::VisualNurbs::NurbsTextureA texture of a NURBS
VizKit::PixelA pixel is a two-dimensional point relative to physical coordinate system
VizKit::VisualHistogram::PixelColorHistogramValueData value of a histogram of PixelColor values
VizKit::PixelRectA two-dimensional size relative to physical coordinate system
VizKit::Point2DA Point2D is a position in 2-dimensional planar space
VizKit::Point3DA Point3D is a position in 3-dimensional space
VizKit::PositionedBoxA positioned box
VizKit::PositionedCoordRectA positioned rectangle, measured in coords
VizKit::VisualPreferences::PreferenceStores a key-value-pair of preferences
VizKit::ProcessMonitorShows some information on screen for diagnostical and monitoring purposes
VizKit::ProcessMonitorActorThis actor displays textual and graphical information useful for debugging, diagnostics and monitoring purposes
VizKit::RectA rectangle
VizKit::RelationalRectA relational rectangle is determined by aspect ratio of width and height and orientation
VizKit::RGBAColorStores the values of a composite color of red, green, blue and alpha
VizKit::VisualAudioLab::RMSValueStruct with values concerning rms (root mean square) values
VizKit::TemplateActionPerforms the action of the TemplateActor
VizKit::TemplateActorA template of a VisualActor
VizKit::TexCoordA TexCoord is a coord position of a texture
VizKit::TexCoordPositionStores the s and t coordinate values of texture positions
VizKit::VisualThreadingManager::ThreadItemAdds a thread to the manager
VizKit::TopLeftPositionedPixelRectA positioned rectangle, measured in pixels
VizKit::TrackLyricsShows the lyrics of the current audio track
VizKit::TrackLyricsActorThe lyrics of the audio track are displayed as texture with blended colors
VizKit::TrackTitleShows the title of the current audio track
VizKit::TrackTitleActorThe title of the audio track is displayed as texture with blended colors
VizKit::UpdateServiceActorUpdateServiceActor displays a visual update notification in case an update of the currently running visualizer is available
VizKit::VisualDataStore::ValueStores a key-value-pair of values
VizKit::VertexPositionStores the coord position values used by a vertex
VizKit::VisualActorVisualActor defines the interface for each specific actor
VizKit::VisualActorGraphicsThe graphics related static functions for the Visual Actors
VizKit::VisualAnimationA VisualAnimation is constructed with an AnimatedProperty
VizKit::VisualAnimationClusterA VisualAnimationCluster is a collection of animations where the animations run concurrently
VizKit::VisualAnimationComponentAbstract base class for composite implementation of Animation
VizKit::VisualAnimationQueueQueue of animations
VizKit::VisualAnimationSequenceA VisualAnimationSequence is a collection of animations where the animations run sequentially
VizKit::VisualAppleScriptInteraction with AppleScript
VizKit::VisualAssetDimensionless asset that contains texture, boxing information, and optional animations
VizKit::VisualAudioDataRaw audio data as received with pulse message via iTunes visualizer interface
VizKit::VisualAudioLabA collection of routines dealing with processing, analyzing and interpretation of audio data
VizKit::VisualAudioMetaDataMeta data (like track name, artist name, or lyrics, etc.) of audio track or audio stream
VizKit::VisualCameraA VisualCamera
VizKit::VisualColorToolsVarious utility functions dealing with pixel color values
VizKit::VisualConfigurationCommon definitions and constants that must be customized for each individual plug-in
VizKit::VisualConfigurationDialogWrapper around OS specific UI implementations of the configuration dialog
VizKit::VisualConvolutionFilterConvolution filter for bitmap image effects
VizKit::VisualCustomizationCollection of individual customizable functions
VizKit::VisualDataStoreStores essential data for the visualizer
VizKit::VisualDownloadQueueProviding networking functionality
VizKit::VisualEnsembleThe VisualEnsemble is a group of all actors
VizKit::VisualFilePath information of file or directory and related operations
VizKit::VisualFontManagerManagement of font resources
VizKit::VisualGraphicsCommunicates with the graphics device
VizKit::VisualGraphicsCoreThe platform specific core operations of the graphics layer are bundled with this class
VizKit::VisualHistogramCreates histogram data
VizKit::VisualImageBitmap raster image
VizKit::VisualImage::VisualImageHistogramPixelColorsExchange data type for histogram creation
VizKit::VisualInterpolationInterpolation between values 0.0 and 1.0
VizKit::VisualItemIdentifierIdentifier of an item (like e.g
VizKit::VisualMainHandles the events and messages passed in by iTunes
VizKit::VisualMainActionDispatches the events and messages passed in by iTunes with no internal state
VizKit::VisualNetworkProviding networking functionality
VizKit::VisualNotificationA VisualActor is notified about events and messages with a VisualNotification
VizKit::VisualNotificationQueueQueue of notifications
VizKit::VisualNurbsNurbs (non-uniform rational b-spline) functionality
VizKit::VisualObjectBasic abstract object data type of core objects
VizKit::VisualObjectDataVisualObjectData allows incremental data load of visual objects
VizKit::VisualPlayerStateProvides access to the state of the audio player host
VizKit::VisualPreferencesStores preference values of different data type (integer, float, char, boolean)
VizKit::VisualProgressIndicatorA VisualProgressIndicator communicates the progress of a process
VizKit::VisualSignatureCollection of static methods for specific data to establish communication with iTunes host application
VizKit::VisualStageBoxPosition and dimensions of a box on stage
VizKit::VisualStageControlSingleton mediator that controls the show of the VisualEnsemble
VizKit::VisualStagePositionDimensionless position of asset on stage
VizKit::VisualStringUnicode string without styling or formatting information
VizKit::VisualStringStyleDefinition of a style for a string (text)
VizKit::VisualString::VisualStringSubstringPointerSubstring of the VisualString with start position and length
VizKit::VisualStyledStringUnicode string with styling or formatting information
VizKit::VisualTextAutoScrollViewA VisualTextAutoScrollView displays rendered text
VizKit::VisualTextureContainerA data container with a reference to an image texture
VizKit::VisualThreadingProviding multi-threading functionality
VizKit::VisualThreadingManagerVisualThreadingManager holds identifiers for currently running threads
VizKit::VisualTimelineTime synchronized interpolation between values
VizKit::VisualTimingProvides facilities to deal with and calculate time values
VizKit::VisualUpdateManagerChecking for, prompting for, and downloading available updates for this visualizer
VizKit::VisualVertexA vertex is coord position information, incl

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